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To make payment for our services via website, please fill out the form below. When you filled out the form you will receive an email with a link. If you go to this link you can make payment online in any convenient way.

  • Only for individuals
  • No commissions and restrictions

We have developed an electronic payment system for your convenience. So you can choose any method you like: credit cards, e-money, SMS-payment, etc.

Credit Card

You can pay your order by cards of international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard International. The payment security is guaranteed by Best2Pay Processing Center.

Payments are performed via a secure connection using TLS 1.2 protocol. Best2Pay Company meets the international requirements of PCI DSS for secure processing of payer’s credit card details. Your classified data required for the payment (card details, registration data, etc.) is not sent to the Internet-shop, their processing is performed in Best2Pay processing centre and it’s fully protected.

Any person including Angira Translation Agency staff is unable to get the payer’s bank and personal details.

If the payment is effected by a credit card the refund will be effected on the same card.


You can make payment for your order by a credit card using the following method:

1. After placing an order, directly on our website in the Internet.

To pay for the order by a credit card directly on our website, you need to choose the option “Pay by card online” when you place an order. After order placement, click "Pay now" button and enter your card details in the opened window.


1. You can’t hand your card over to make a payment.
2. The signature on the card must match the customer's signature in the passport (or any other identification document (hereinafter referred to as ID).
3. Depending on the bank requirements you may be required to perform one or more of the following:

  a. Enter a PIN code.
  b. Put a signature on a cheque.
  c. Enter code 3-D Secure code.
  d. Submit ID.
4. It is impossible to use the card in the following cases:
  a. Card validity is expired.
  b. The card is blocked due to incorrect PIN or 3-D Secure code for 3 (three) times in a row.
  c. The card is blocked at the request of the customer or the Bank directions.
  d. Lack of money or insufficient funds for the transaction.
  e. The signature in ID and on the card is different.
  f. Surname and name on the card do not match the surname and name in ID.
  g. Payment amount is less than 10 rubles
  h. Payment amount is more than 1 million rubles.

Electronic money

Yandex Money

Я принимаю Яндекс.Деньги 

This is a 24/7 online payment service. It’s very easy to use the service. The interfaces of site, its mobile version and any smart phone apps are convenient.

It takes you only a couple of minutes to open your e-wallet. The next step is to deposit (e.g. cash). You also can bind your card to the account to pay directly, in this case you will not need to specify the card details.

Yandex Money Payments are performed instantly in any time.

To use the service, please, select the option Yandex Money.Payment (Оплата Яндекс.Деньги) while placing an order.


To use the service, please, select the option WebMoney Payment (Оплата WebMoney) while placing an order.

QIWI wallet

You can pay for our goods and services by QIWI Wallet instantly and free.

1. Place an order online or by phone.
2. Select QIWI Wallet as a type of payment and type your cell phone number.
3. Clear an automatically generated invoice by one of the following ways: on the website, via QIWI terminal or using social network or mobile apps.

It is easy to deposit cash on QIWI Wallet at QIWI and other terminals, by credit cards as well as at cell phone stores, supermarkets, ATMs or via Internet banking.
You can make payments not only via QIWI Wallet but also by credit cards and in cash, as well as from your personal mobile account of MTS, Beeline, MegaFon.

If you do not have QIWI Wallet, you can sign up on the site or by any of QIWI Wallet apps and it takes you only few minutes.